Thursday, June 12, 2008

Visit to Grammy and a growing girl

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for mom. Her doctor is saying that her level of recovery is a miracle. We don't yet have a date for her to come home, but we are anticipating it soon. I know lots of you want to visit once she is up for vistors. She has really been appreciating all the phone calls from everyone. She'll still have physical therapy for probably a year or more as she learns to overcome the paralysis. You don't know how great it was watching her walk, with her walker of course, around her room, down the hall, and anywhere she needs to go. The therapists don't let her use her wheelchair very often now. From everything I have read, the more she pushes now, the better. It sounds like there is a "end date" at which time major recovery stops and then only minor recovery happens. But, as her doctor says, it's a miracle. When we were last up, she was still using the wheelchair and only walking during physical therapy. It was so wonderful to see her walk - it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you again to everyone praying for her. It's truly working.

The kids enjoyed seeing mom and dad as usual. The Blonde Boy is always spoiled by the nurses, therapists, and administrators at the care home. Oh to be a cute, blonde boy! He got ice cream, his first Twinkie, and M&M's while there. Ha! Nothing like a sugar high before having to sit in a car to get home!

Thank you all again for your prayers. Prayer truely does lead to miracles.

Other news is that our little Betty Boop is growing up. Her first tooth broke the surface last night. That explains the nipping I was getting! Got to grab the camera and get the last few toothless grin photos. She has also finally decided that moving around is fun. It looks like she'll be a tushy scooter as she gets very mad when she ends up on her belly. Very, very mad. She figured out the tushy scoot a few days ago and is perfecting it. It's slow going as compared to crawling, but it's cute. She's also learning about standing up at the coffee table. It makes an awesome drum for little hands.

The two also got to have their first bath together. Thankfully they are young enough to not get mad at me putting this photo of them online. It makes bathtime so much easier.

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