Friday, June 27, 2008

Electroflash News Flash, Part II

I went back to the store today to look at the samples again...and I was happy to see them, but rather miffed at one of the MAs. She told another MA where the samples were so I could look, all happy to help me, but later, got on a high horse about MAs not wanting to know what's coming ahead of time as it spoils the surprise. First, if all MAs felt this way, we'd never get any advanced product information or collection names. Second, we'd never see early images. Third, we'd never see stuff up on eBay for sale prior to releases. Obviously, not all MAs feel this way. She actually stood there and told me that I had only a minute to look at the products before she took them away. HELLO! Why in the Sam H-E-double matchsticks do you guys even have the samples out on the floor if you don't want customers to see them! If they are so "secret" why do you get to see them early and even if the MAs get to see them, why are they not kept in the back. These were in the front of the store, on the counter by the cash wrap, not behind it, but near it. If I was looking at the brushes, they were in front of me. Only reason I did not say something nasty is that it's the only stand alone in over 100 miles. If I was still in So Cal, I'd take my huge MAC purchasing ability to another store and let other MAC addicts know and possibly drop their sales.

I really wanted to look at these too as I will be out of town and wanted to be able to preorder at this store. Maybe now I won't purchase at the store and try to get to a stand alone in Cal that morning. I'll be in Glendale, so I can always stop by Pasadena at 10 am. I'll have to pay tax, but that's worth it to make the store miss my purchase. Aargh!

Okay, I am going to stop ranting for now and focus on the products. One pissy MA won't ruin my excitement over this collection. Much. :)

I am not yet adept at putting swatches on my blog as I always goof up the spacing. Sigh...I'll get it right soon. :) Until then, I will be putting large groups of images on my Google Album:

Play on Plums - pretty, but won't get.
Sea & Sky - can't decide on this yet. Love the blue, but not sure I'd really use it often, if ever. Though the light blue is unique for my collection.
Hot Contrast - I don't like the black as it's chalky, but the reddish color is very pretty. Only fear is that it will be like the red/purple combo of last year that I have not used once.
Love Connection - not very good color pay off and a lot of fall out.
Two to Glow - the store did not have this, but I don't wear many oranges.
Odd Couple - The purple is really pretty, but again, not sure I'll wear it and it's really close to Violet pig. The other color is not that great.
Polar Opposites - pretty, but don't need grays.
Fresh Green Mix - still getting this one. LOVE the colors.
Pink Split - still indecisive on this. Do I really need more pinks?

So, I think I'll be getting three: Fresh Green Mix, Sea & Sky, and Hot Contrast. Now if I can just be to a store that day!!!

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