Thursday, June 12, 2008

MAC Cool Heat is cold

So, again, I am underwhelmed with the new MAC collection. I was really looking forward to these blue and green hues. I only got one, Gulf Stream, and the only reason I got it was that I had a B2M. I actually had enough for two B2M, but could not even pick out a second color. The Gulf Stream e/s is almost identical to Teal pig. Since I know I'll never get around to pressing my pigments, I thought the e/s was marginally worth it. Here's my thoughts looking at them on my pale skin.

Solar White = slightly lighter than White Wheat, WW had more pigmentation
Warming Trend = unique, but too warm for me, I prefer Patina
Warm Chill = no pigmentation, prefer Brill or Aquavert
Gulf Stream = looks like a e/s version of Teal pig, this is the one I got
Cool Heat = not too different from Parrot that it cannot be dupped
Climate Blue = almost a matte with pink glitter, would like if it was more irredescent, is pretty though and who knows...maybe I'll get it.
Blue Flame = Deep Truth is prettier, IMHO

I did not like the Slimshines mostly because I did not find any of them unique enough and I don't like the texture. Their coverage is not enough for my taste. I forgot my camera and figured I'd get weird looks if I wore it to Babies R Us, Lowe's, and to see DH. The MA had a gorgeous look of Gulf Stream with Cool Heat in the crease. I'll try it tomorrow and get a photo of it. I also got to check out her look book since they did not put any looks online. One look that sounded pretty was Greenstroke p/p with Warm Chill over it. I'll try that with Aquavert.

Very much looking forward to the July releases...I have more B2M to turn in!

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