Friday, September 19, 2008

MAC Metal Urge

Another new collection for the anniversary of Metal-X. Sigh... I have heard rumblings that the formula for the Metal-X shadows has been improved. I hope so as I bought NONE when they came out last year. Metal-X does seem to have a small following, but I am sadly not one. So, famous last words that I won't get any of these. The list of products is below. I have most of the liquidlast colors, so doubt I'll get the ones I don't have as I prefer the fluidline. I have two of the piggie, but will be excited to see Spiritualize. Sounds pretty. I have some Reflects, but have yet to master getting them on without turning myself in to a glitter monster (not a bad thing at times). Anyone have a tip for getting them on just your eyes and keeping them on? I have tried Fix+ with limited success. I may get Blackened Red (passed over it when I was at PRO) and Bronze. They would probably be the best for me. Though I seem to never say no to pinks and purples - look gorgeous on these hazel peepers.

Brushed Metal-X

  • Material Gold Pale peach/beige with gold pearl
  • Pink Platinum Light blue/pink with silver pearl
  • Metalblu Navy blue with silver pearl
  • Verdigris Dirty deep green with silver pearl
  • Forged Rose Reddish copper with gold pearl
  • Gilded Ash Dark charcoal grey with pearl
  • Gold Spice Metallic coppery gold


  • Gold Mode Tan gold
  • Spiritualize Yellow green with silver and gold pearl
  • Cocomotion Dirty gold with an olive undertone and gold sparkle

Reflects Glitter

  • Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink
  • Reflects Purple Duo Sparkling rich purple
  • Reflects Blackened Red Sparkling burgundy
  • Reflects Bronze Sparkling rich gold

Liquidlast Liner

  • Classic Cream White gold
  • Visionaire Clean baby pink
  • Inky Navy blue with low level pearl
  • Inkspill Deep green with green pearl
  • Powerplum Deep plum with red pearl
  • Dress Khaki Khaki green with yellow pearl
  • Molten Sol Rich gold with intense metallic pearl
Plus three brushes.

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Darn alarm clock

So, hubby went for his daily walk before dawn and forgot to turn off his alarm. Now the baby and I are both up uber early. Ugh! What a way to start a Friday. Guess I'll post about our garden.
J was born a century or two late, I think. He loves gardening! Funny thing is that he won't eat most of what he grows. Says his mom terrorized him with hidden veggies as a child. Guess I won't be doing that to our kids. T is not much of a veggie eater - think he likes the attention of not eating them. E, on the other hand, loves all types, especially chomping on anything that I just picked, like the zucchini in the photo. We grew corn, beans, zucchini, squash, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, and tons of tomatoes.
I got about 8 quarts of corn for the freezer and so far have made about a gallon of marinara sauce. It's really good - I used a recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Origins Skin Care

I rarely see anyone do a review of Origins Skin Care products. I am not sure why, because I love this brand and have been a user for years. I sometimes try new things - hello, Garnier Nutritioniste - but I always come back. Last week I went in for a complimentary facial and restocked some of my favorites and got some new things. I love their Checks & Balances face wash as I like my face washes to foam up. Not sure why, but I love the frothy wash. I don't like washes that are more like a gooey cream that don't lather. So, this time I got their new A Perfect World cleanser. It smells divine and I find myself sniffing all during washing my face. I also picked up the pricy Mega-mushroom serum. I had used it before and it got rid of my red cheeks, plus it is filled with good stuff for my (ugh) aging skin. I look young - thanks for the great genes mom! - and I want to keep it that way. I was realizing I'll be in my 50s when the kids graduate high school. Hello, old mom! I also grabbed up their Youthtopia eye cream and the awesome Never A Dull Moment polisher - it smells like heaven! I forgot to grab their facial sun block and will do that when I go to the next MAC launch on the 25th. If you need new skin care, do check them out. I think they are some of the best smelling products out there and do wonders on my skin. My skin feels very clean, but not dry - which is where I find fault with other brands - either they clean my skin and leave it dry or my skin stays moist, but not clean.

Anyone out there like Origins?

<3 Mamade

Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss Calli

I have to share this adorable bundle of cuteness with everyone! This is Calli. We are guessing she is about 8-10 weeks old. My dad saw some horrible lady drop this precious little thing off on the side of the road and rescued her. My mom has been dropper feeding her and now she is eating out of a bowl. She's very playful and loves to snuggle with my mom. She is learning to like the big dogs and follows Autumn around when they are outside. Watch her follow T around the yard.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My fisherman

DH finally got to do some fishing! He is used to fly fishing for small mountain trout, so was beyond ecstatic to catch this "small" salmon. I learned how to fillet the salmon through YouTube. Ha! We had a great salmon dinner and enough for another night too!

Princess Party

Well, the Princess has turned ONE! The past year has just flown by. She had a great party this weekend with everything all pink and princess-y. She made a mess of her cake and loved every second of it. It was quite the change from her brother who got upset when his fingers touched the frosting. There was pink cake and frosting in her hair and up to her elbows. She became quite the ham and was smiling and squealing for everyone.

We had about 30 people over - family and friends.
Princess is loving her new toys and books. And I cannot wait to get her in to her adorable new clothes. I think she'll get my love of clothes! She already LOVES digging around in my makeup.

Speaking of makeup, everyone started arriving before I could get ready, so I only got a swipe of Painterly on my lids, Plush Lash, and Dazzleglass. Talk about a basic FOTD! Ha! Oh, well. Family and friends love you even without your makeup on! :)