Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes! New Osa Bella!

Oh happy day! Osa Bella has posted a new chapter.

TWITARDED: Osa Bella - Chapter 25 "Concerning Vampires" [Twilight FanFiction]


Okay, I seriously need to get back in to writing. Just posting my thoughts to who knows who out in cyberspace. LOL! I have a piddly 6 followers. Hmm...I need more. That would encourage me. Anyone out there? Knock knock. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glitter Overload!!!

I LOVE GLITTER!!! Okay, now that I have stated the obvious, if you know me, here's my review of a new launch!

I got a chance to pre-order for Digi Pops and Dare to Wear at my local stand alone today. I LOVE the new lipstick – I am a glitter nut! It was hard to do, but I narrowed my pre-order to three and one of the Dare to Wear lipglasses. The lipglasses are OMG to die for! Totally opaque and metallicy. I picked Ban This! as it was so unique for my collection. Bold and Brash is hot, but probably not something I would wear a ton. It is kind of like Queens Sin in metal form. Gimme That! was also great, but very similar to the bold fuchsia that came out with Fafi. Just more opaque.

As for the Dazzle Lipsticks, it was really hard to pick. Liquid Lurex is like Vex in lipstick form. The only thing was that it is very sheer and the green tone might look a bit odd over other colors. There are a few others that are gorgeous, but have to be worn over something. I picked out Naughty You, Snazzy, and Smash Hit. Smash Hit will have to go over other colors, but its gorgeous!

Sorry, but no photos. The lead MA was in the store and she would freak if I brought out the camera! LOL!

And I am so very sad. I just found out my fav MA - and all around great lady - is leaving the store and moving to So Cal. Which sucks for me, but at least I can see her on our visits. She is hoping to be at South Coast, so if you go in there in a month, be sure to see if Shante is working.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July EOTD

Here is my 4th of July EOTD (eyes of the day). I really liked this blue look. Please ignore the gray in my hair...I just got it colored and about 4 inches taken off, but this photo was from before that! Ugh!

Products Used:
MAC Painterly PP
MAC Clear Sky Blue pigment (Pro)
MAC Mutiny pigment (LE)
MAC Blue pigment (discontinued - I found mine on eBay)
MAC Deep Truth e/s (perm)
MAC Reflects Blue pigment (LE)
MAC Smolder liner

I did A LOT of blending on this one. I hope you like it!
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Shrek strikes

Here is the Shrek collection I mentioned. The blue below is called "What's with the Cattitude?" See, Cat was in the name. :) The color on my nails here is "Who the Shrek are you?" It is kind of a yellowish pea green. Surprisingly I liked it. I think next time I will add some glitter or something, though.
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Summertime Blues

Here's my current nail look. It is the blue from the Shrek collection - something with "Cat" in the name - and then Sally Hansen Silver Lining over the top. Odd hand placement, I know...I was trying to cover the chipped middle finger as the nails are three days old. Great wear though with only two chips on ten nails! The glitter looks a bit grey in the photo, but IRL, it is less noticable and bluer.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Premiere!

I went to see ECLIPSE last night. It was AWESOME! So good that I am going again on Saturday. Ha! Just for the premiere, I did up my nails like the cover art from the book. I used LA Girl Matte in Matte Black, drew on the "ribbon" with LA Colors Art Deco in White, then went over the squiggle with China Glaze Ruby Pumps. The red turned out a bit pink over the white, so I later went over the whole nail with Ruby Pumps again. It gave a great red sparkle over the black and the "ribbon" looked redder. Sorry for the slightly worn tips; I did the dishes before taking the photo! Hope you like! :)