Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peachy pink EOTD

I did some great looks while on vacation and did not take time for photos or to even write it down! This is what I did today. I really loved how it looked. The photo does not show the golden peachy color near the tear duct. And no, those are not fake lashes. Don't my lashes look really long???

Fresco Rose p/p
Soft Rose ccb
Bon Fete e/s
Bravado e/s
Sketch e/s
Expensive Pink e/s
Hush e/s

Sublime Culture l/l
Myth l/s
Tongue n Chic lacquer

Thursday, May 7, 2009

California Dreamin' Swatch

Just for you, Renea! Here is my MAC California Dreamin' lipstick on my computer keyboard. And a photo of me attempting to vamp it up for the camera. Sorry if it's a bit off. The toddler was trying to grab the camera. Ha!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Another ancient post that was never published. Again...major update required. :)
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So nice and neat. That did not last. Looks like a bomb went off in the drawer now...or maybe it was just a petite princess playing around in my eyeshadow drawer. :)

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Okay, this is a very old post that I never published. I need to reorganize and get everything listed, then republish.
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MAC Makeup Desk

Okay, I have been promising forever to post a few photos of my makeup "desk." Here they are! I inherited the desk is from my great aunt. I used to use it to hold all my office supplies, but found that the drawers were too shallow for all of the stationary and pens I have. When we moved, I decided that our bedroom was a better location for it and stuffed it with makeup and other things. The top and bottom drawers hold miscellaneous junk - face charts, stuff I don't use (need to toss some day), makeup bags, samples. Nothing worth photographing.

This is the desk closed up and looking good - it rarely looks this orderly! The kids were busy playing so I actually had time to clean it all up before snapping the shots. You can see my palettes on the left. My face powders, beauty powders and MSFs are on the right. I also have containers that hold me large and small brushes, my concealers, my misc. face products, and my liners, mascaras, and UDPP.

Here is the lip drawer. I just redid this drawer, but need to organize it better. At least now I can see the labels. I have a holder for my reds, neutral/brown/golds, and pinks (of course, for me, the largest group). I also have a holder with my lipglasses that I want to organize by color groups. There is also a container with the taller MAC glosses and a pile of rarely used non-MAC lipsticks and glosses. Plus a pile of MAC lipstick/gloss compacts. I so do not need any more lipsticks or glosses!!!

Here is the eyeshadow drawer. These are all the shadows and pigments that are not in my palettes. On the left are the larger sized shadows - mineralized ones and a few pots of ones that I either forgot to get in pan form or are LE. Then come the miscellaneous shadows in front. The special compacts are fitted in next, then a box with my paint pots and original paints (mine still work great even though older). The two clear containers on the right hold my pigments with a smaller container in front holding the samples sizes and the small holiday sized pigments. Also in front are all my reflects and glitters.

Okay, so my collection is huge by most standards...but I know small compaired to some of you out there! I took more detailed photos of each area too and will work on posting those.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heatherette Revisited

I have been searching high and low for my Lollipop Loving l/s ever since it was repromoted with Hello Kitty. I FINALLY found it. To celebrate the finding of such peachy green goodness, I pulled out the Heatherette eyeshadow trio #1 and did a peachy green eye to go along with my Lollipop Loving.

A Rose Romance take two

Since I suggested the "A Rose Romance" challenge after having already done a look, I figured I should at least do a second. I took the inspiration from the eyes that my MA had on when I went to see the collection. It turned out darker than hers, so I may try again another day. Probably due to the two munchkins running around my feet while applying my makeup! :)

I used:
Haunting fluidline
Creme de Violet e/s
Shadowy Lady e/s
Circa Plum pigment
Blacktrack fluidline
Pure Rose l/s (from Ungaro)
Magnetique l/g

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Rose Romance

I went in yesterday and took a look at the new "A Rose Romance" release at MAC. The colors are very pretty and it's a nice soft spring look. I figure I have dups for the two pink shadows, I have Shadowy Lady and Creme de Violet, and the silver is nothing special. I loved the looks of the rose shaped beauty powder, but have so many I don't use that I could not see getting either. Both are pretty though! The l/s and l/g were both pretty. My fav is Odyssey, but I already have it. I am thinking of getting the rose Fix+, if they still have it when I am in next, I may. I still have about half a bottle, so does not make sense to get it now just for the scent.

A Rose Romance look of the day:
Mutiny pigment
Circa Plum pigment
Vanilla pigment
Shadowy Lady e/s
Tender Tryst see thru lip color
Rags to Riches d/g
Refined MSF
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Monday, March 30, 2009

MAC Class

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Victor C. from MAC! He did a great class last night. I'll be posting my haul and some of the tips I learned.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Had to add in a photo like the old days with the baby included!

Three days in a row, ladies. I am on a roll. I found face charts for Sugarsweet on Specktra (link) and decided to try "Tasty" for my mom's Bunco tonight. The look appeared really dark, so I think that the image is a tad off. It's simply Stars N Rockets and Beautiful Iris on top, so nothing dark. Shadowy Lady is to line in the bottom, but with Vellum over, so even that's not dark.

And as she had dumped water all over herself and the bathroom...there is nothing on my lips yet besides primer and clear brow pencil. I hope to dupe the given lips.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Honor of Sugarsweet Release

Hi all. Wow, two looks in two days. I am on a roll!

So, my store launched Sugarsweet today - a day early. So I decided to use the three colors I have that they are repromoting.

Painterly pp
Aquavert e/s
Stars & Rockets e/s
Club e/s
Feline liner
Haunting fluidline

Lips: Tanarama and a pink gloss (can't remember which)
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day EOTD

St. Patrick's Day EOTD

Humid e/s
Aquavert e/s
Julip e/s
Cloudburst e/s
Emerald Green pigment
Blue Reflects glitter
Bankroll liner
Feline liner
Plushlash mascara

And HK Pink Fish lip conditioner.

I am just off to the store, so did not do too much to the rest of my face!

Hugs, Mamade
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Monday, March 16, 2009

New Hair Color

So, I finally got something done with my hair. The photo really does not do it justice, but I think that the flash just cannot pick up the color. The highlights are a pretty blond color. My friend Angie did it and I am really happy with the change. It was looking too dark after many years of dying it the darkest brown. Especially with L's hair getting to be such a pretty light brown.

Thanks, Angie!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day EOTD

I am finally posting again! Blogger finally got over it's annoying habit of always making me do that security code thing, even after sending them numerous emails to get it fixed.

So, in celebration of getting back online, here is a look for you...okay, so it's in celebration of Valentine's Day, but hey, good excuse!

I used (all MAC unless noted):
Painterly Paint Pot
Bougainvillea CCB
Bright Fuchsia pigment
Accent Red Pigment
Mi' Lady e/s (red portion)
Penultimate liner
MUFE black gel liner
Silver Dusk Beauty Powder

I did a nude lip with it, but it was replaced with Cute-ster at MAC when playing with the Hello Kitty launch. It looked much fresher earlier and the CCB had begun to crease when I took the photo. Ugh. But, the MA's loved my look. So all is good.

And regarding HC, I got a few things. I'll post the list later.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting back in the saddle

Hi everyone. I am here to say that I will be posting again. I have found a few others who are interested in makeup tips. Remember to subscribe to this page as I like to know who all is watching me. Peer pressure!!! :)

Love to you all,