Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MAC Makeup Desk

Okay, I have been promising forever to post a few photos of my makeup "desk." Here they are! I inherited the desk is from my great aunt. I used to use it to hold all my office supplies, but found that the drawers were too shallow for all of the stationary and pens I have. When we moved, I decided that our bedroom was a better location for it and stuffed it with makeup and other things. The top and bottom drawers hold miscellaneous junk - face charts, stuff I don't use (need to toss some day), makeup bags, samples. Nothing worth photographing.

This is the desk closed up and looking good - it rarely looks this orderly! The kids were busy playing so I actually had time to clean it all up before snapping the shots. You can see my palettes on the left. My face powders, beauty powders and MSFs are on the right. I also have containers that hold me large and small brushes, my concealers, my misc. face products, and my liners, mascaras, and UDPP.

Here is the lip drawer. I just redid this drawer, but need to organize it better. At least now I can see the labels. I have a holder for my reds, neutral/brown/golds, and pinks (of course, for me, the largest group). I also have a holder with my lipglasses that I want to organize by color groups. There is also a container with the taller MAC glosses and a pile of rarely used non-MAC lipsticks and glosses. Plus a pile of MAC lipstick/gloss compacts. I so do not need any more lipsticks or glosses!!!

Here is the eyeshadow drawer. These are all the shadows and pigments that are not in my palettes. On the left are the larger sized shadows - mineralized ones and a few pots of ones that I either forgot to get in pan form or are LE. Then come the miscellaneous shadows in front. The special compacts are fitted in next, then a box with my paint pots and original paints (mine still work great even though older). The two clear containers on the right hold my pigments with a smaller container in front holding the samples sizes and the small holiday sized pigments. Also in front are all my reflects and glitters.

Okay, so my collection is huge by most standards...but I know small compaired to some of you out there! I took more detailed photos of each area too and will work on posting those.


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Adrianne said...

OMgoodness! And I thought I loved make up! Giiirrll! That's a lot of MAC! :)