Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top Hat swatches

After a request...here is my swatch of Top Hat on my NW20 skin with Painterly paint pot underneath. It's definitely a blue-purple. The closest that I have is probably the Rad Purple from one of the Kat Von D palettes, so I don't have anything in my collection that's close to it. Yes!

Left to right:

  1. Top Hat
  2. Entremauve pigment
  3. Cassette e/s (Heatherette)
  4. Rad Purple e/s (Kat Von D palette)
  5. Memorabilia e/s

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waterline trials

I am still on the hunt for my holy grail of liners that will last on my waterline. I know...you are thinking, good luck! Well, I went to Sephora last week and picked up a few things to try. I have seen reviews on both Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Midnight Black and Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner in 1 (Matte Black), so I grabbed both. The sales associate (is that what they like to be called there?) also suggested the Make Up For Ever Kohl Pencil in Black.

I went home and immediately put the Smashbox on one side and the MUFE on the other. I used the great angled liner brush that Sephora makes. Within a few hours, the Smashbox liner was almost completely gone. The MUFE was still there, mostly near the roots of my lashes, but when I was looking at myself, I still appeared to have black on my waterline. Score 1 for MUFE.

The next day, I tried it again, taking more time to apply them and being certain that both had a dark coating (2 coats at least). That day, I even took a nap with the kids and woke up to one side still looking like I had my waterline done. By days end, I had about the same results.

I had decent results with the liner pencil too, but being the dork I am, it's gone missing (guessing the baby tucked it somewhere). I'll find it and compare it to the creamliner. While the MUFE was not perfect, it does a better job. I think I will try again with a nice coating of MAC Carbon eyeshadow over the top to set them. My eyes are very teary and moist, so this has been a quest of mine for some time. I'll keep you updated.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a product for me to try? Let me know!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MAC Pro LA!!!

I finally got to the MAC Pro Store in LA. I have been to the Vegas and South Coast Plaza Pro stores, but never made it to the LA store even when I lived only an hour plus away. I had heard that they could be snobby or overly zealous at selling things, but found neither to be true. The MA who helped me was very quiet, actually. And the other MAs were all sweet - okay, probably helped to be in the store with an adorable baby in my arms. Ha!

So, on to the haul:
Iridescent Powder/Loose in Silver Dusk - gorgeous, leaves a nice shimmer on my cheekbones and other highlighted areas.
They had the new Mineralized Eye Shadows out, so I picked up Fresh Green Mix (wearing it today with tons of compliments), Hot Contrast, and Sea & Sky.
White Gold pigment - increadibly gorgeous and cannot wait to use it. MAC says: Shimmery white infused with golden yellow pearl (Pearl), I'd say the golden yellow pearl has a slight green tint - can't wait to use it with the new Female Richmetal Highlighter.
Cremestick Liner in Sublime Culture
Cremestick Pearl Liner in Mother Pearl
Three brushes: 189, 227, and 231.
Lip Erase in Pale
Lipmix in Violet and White Frost
New MSF Light/Medium and Shimmer.

I also picked up my Nordies Anniversary products:
Female Richmetal Highlighter and Tea Time pigment (see my previous post)

Today I went to my local store in the hopes of getting Tendertones in EZ Baby and they were out like everyone else. I also tried to get the greenish one and they were out of that. Sigh…knew I did not really need them. But in the process of chatting with one of my fav MAs, I got another haul: Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul (thought I’d want Gentle, but I think Warm Soul looked better on my skin). I also grabbed Myth l/s - not sure why I have never gotten this before as I love a nude lip. I also went crazy with the Shadesticks (rumor is that they are all going to be discontinued!) I got Sharkskin (lots of great reviews lately), Blurberry, Pink Couture, and Fresh Cement. Supposedly they are better with the Mineralized Eye Shadows that using Paint Pots. I'll test that out one day. :)

I also went in to Sephora in my quest for something that will stay at least part of the day in my waterline. After reading online reviews, I grabbed a few things to try:
MUFE Aqua Creamliner in 1 (black)
Smashbox Jet Set waterproof Eye Liner in Midnight Black
MUFE Khol Pencil (MA there recommended)
Sephora Angled liner brush
I also have never used MUFE e/s, so picked up Star Powder in 902 and 940 - they look like MAC's Reflects, but seem to not travel as much...I'll post a review.

So, what do you think of my hauls??? :)
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