Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Princess Party

Well, the Princess has turned ONE! The past year has just flown by. She had a great party this weekend with everything all pink and princess-y. She made a mess of her cake and loved every second of it. It was quite the change from her brother who got upset when his fingers touched the frosting. There was pink cake and frosting in her hair and up to her elbows. She became quite the ham and was smiling and squealing for everyone.

We had about 30 people over - family and friends.
Princess is loving her new toys and books. And I cannot wait to get her in to her adorable new clothes. I think she'll get my love of clothes! She already LOVES digging around in my makeup.

Speaking of makeup, everyone started arriving before I could get ready, so I only got a swipe of Painterly on my lids, Plush Lash, and Dazzleglass. Talk about a basic FOTD! Ha! Oh, well. Family and friends love you even without your makeup on! :)

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