Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Origins Skin Care

I rarely see anyone do a review of Origins Skin Care products. I am not sure why, because I love this brand and have been a user for years. I sometimes try new things - hello, Garnier Nutritioniste - but I always come back. Last week I went in for a complimentary facial and restocked some of my favorites and got some new things. I love their Checks & Balances face wash as I like my face washes to foam up. Not sure why, but I love the frothy wash. I don't like washes that are more like a gooey cream that don't lather. So, this time I got their new A Perfect World cleanser. It smells divine and I find myself sniffing all during washing my face. I also picked up the pricy Mega-mushroom serum. I had used it before and it got rid of my red cheeks, plus it is filled with good stuff for my (ugh) aging skin. I look young - thanks for the great genes mom! - and I want to keep it that way. I was realizing I'll be in my 50s when the kids graduate high school. Hello, old mom! I also grabbed up their Youthtopia eye cream and the awesome Never A Dull Moment polisher - it smells like heaven! I forgot to grab their facial sun block and will do that when I go to the next MAC launch on the 25th. If you need new skin care, do check them out. I think they are some of the best smelling products out there and do wonders on my skin. My skin feels very clean, but not dry - which is where I find fault with other brands - either they clean my skin and leave it dry or my skin stays moist, but not clean.

Anyone out there like Origins?

<3 Mamade


Lydia said...

I need to try origins :)

MamadeLovesMAC said...

You do! Check your store now as they were having a free set for you to try then come back for a free facial. It's enough product for about two weeks.