Friday, September 19, 2008

MAC Metal Urge

Another new collection for the anniversary of Metal-X. Sigh... I have heard rumblings that the formula for the Metal-X shadows has been improved. I hope so as I bought NONE when they came out last year. Metal-X does seem to have a small following, but I am sadly not one. So, famous last words that I won't get any of these. The list of products is below. I have most of the liquidlast colors, so doubt I'll get the ones I don't have as I prefer the fluidline. I have two of the piggie, but will be excited to see Spiritualize. Sounds pretty. I have some Reflects, but have yet to master getting them on without turning myself in to a glitter monster (not a bad thing at times). Anyone have a tip for getting them on just your eyes and keeping them on? I have tried Fix+ with limited success. I may get Blackened Red (passed over it when I was at PRO) and Bronze. They would probably be the best for me. Though I seem to never say no to pinks and purples - look gorgeous on these hazel peepers.

Brushed Metal-X

  • Material Gold Pale peach/beige with gold pearl
  • Pink Platinum Light blue/pink with silver pearl
  • Metalblu Navy blue with silver pearl
  • Verdigris Dirty deep green with silver pearl
  • Forged Rose Reddish copper with gold pearl
  • Gilded Ash Dark charcoal grey with pearl
  • Gold Spice Metallic coppery gold


  • Gold Mode Tan gold
  • Spiritualize Yellow green with silver and gold pearl
  • Cocomotion Dirty gold with an olive undertone and gold sparkle

Reflects Glitter

  • Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink
  • Reflects Purple Duo Sparkling rich purple
  • Reflects Blackened Red Sparkling burgundy
  • Reflects Bronze Sparkling rich gold

Liquidlast Liner

  • Classic Cream White gold
  • Visionaire Clean baby pink
  • Inky Navy blue with low level pearl
  • Inkspill Deep green with green pearl
  • Powerplum Deep plum with red pearl
  • Dress Khaki Khaki green with yellow pearl
  • Molten Sol Rich gold with intense metallic pearl
Plus three brushes.

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