Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (belated) everyone! I have pushed off putting this online with the issues Blogger is having. I am having to enter a verification before posting, saving, or anything as for some reason they think I am a spammer. I would not even know what to do to spam! Ha! So, I have been boycotting posting anything. I tried back in August to get this cleared up and again and again. Their site says it takes 24 hours...but it's been over 24 days!!!
Okay, so posting photos from Halloween's crazy make up face. My precious inspiration can be seen above. I honestly did not know what I would be doing for my makeup until that morning when I was putting her wings on her. Beyond something with glitter, I was clueless. I was pretty happy with my "wings" as I got to use a few of my pigments that I "had to have" but never knew where I'd honestly wear them. First I lined the shape with a teal liner, then I used Rollickin' paint pot to fill in the entire shape. I layered Blue pigment and Bright Fuchsia for the design and added the silver and teal glitter liners for sparkle and also 3D Silver and Hottest Pink glitter pigments for even more. I wore Snow Orchid Pro lipstick with Hottest Pink glitter over it. I got compliments from the neighbors and maybe have a few new clients! :)
Happy Halloween again. :)

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Captain Jack Sparrow said...

AHHHHHHH! Scary butterfly lady!!!

You need to add some creepy contact lenses!!