Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss Calli

I have to share this adorable bundle of cuteness with everyone! This is Calli. We are guessing she is about 8-10 weeks old. My dad saw some horrible lady drop this precious little thing off on the side of the road and rescued her. My mom has been dropper feeding her and now she is eating out of a bowl. She's very playful and loves to snuggle with my mom. She is learning to like the big dogs and follows Autumn around when they are outside. Watch her follow T around the yard.


Ms Macky said...

Sweeeet! We just rescued a baby too! He was 5 weeks old and I stopped and bought kitten chow and stuff then realized he had NO teeth! Duh back to the store kitty enfamil! He is big now about 11 weeks and fiesty. His name is Kirby.
I like your blog a lot nice job it's really pretty and nicley laid out.
I am your first follower!

Ms Macky

MamadeLovesMAC said...

Yes! So glad to have a follower. Now if the others who read (you know who you are!) will follow too, I'll have more. :) Thanks for the compliment, Ms Macky. I am having fun doing it.