Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Even more new collections...

Wow, I was online checking this morning and now all these new collections are listed. Here is what I found:

7/18 - Colour Forms, Nordstrom Anniversary collection: most stores already have samples in for presales, so ask your counter. Since the PRO card discount does not apply, I am only getting two items, the Tea Time pigment and the Female Richmetal Highlighter - both are unique enough to pay full price. Plus, knowing new colors are coming out with Overrich, I would rather wait for those.

7/10 - Sonic Chic: These are mineralized blushes and a mini kabuki...I rarely wear blush, so not a collection for me, but from the buzz I am reading, lots of folks are very excited.

7/10 - New View: Mineralized Skin Finish duos that have a matte part and a shimmer part. With two MSF already, not sure I will get more, but if the shimmer is to die for...I'll grab the Light Medium. (Note to self: start using my existing MSF, Beauty Powders, and other similar items. You have a whole drawer full!)

7/10 - Electroflash: Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos, Lipsticks, Lipglass, and a brush. I have always bought the M E/S in the past, but always seem to ignore them on a daily basis (though today I am wearing one!) There are some great swatches of the duos and I think I'll limit myself to the Odd Couple as the purple looks promising. Of course, I like the Pink Split, but not sure I honestly NEED more pinks!

7/31 - LustreTwins: This is a new one. LusterTwins power activate... Ha! Sorry, my childhood is catching up with me! There are 9 Longwears and 3 Nail Lacquers, one is LE the others are new perms. I just returned all my Longwears with B2M, so know I won't be getting those. They never quite worked for me. I hope the Lacquers are pretty as I need something new.

7/31 - Starflash: Now this one I am excited about. There are 12, count them, 12 eyeshadows and 4 repromoted Kohl Power liners. I am hoping that these colors will be more unique than Cool Heat, which I could dup the entire collection. Minus of course Gulf Stream, though it was almost identical to Teal pigment, but being an e/s I had to get it. But,I digress. Talent Pool looks like it could be a dup for Fade, though it is described as blue/green. There are few swatches, but you can see images of all of the pots. It looks like a huge collection for me. least the previous ones will be small.
Dreammaker - Frosty yellow gold (Frost) (LE)
Grand Entrance - Frosty neutral pink beige (Frost) (LE)
Bold & Brazen - Frosty light copper (Frost) (LE)
Sunset B. - Frosty mid-tone pink (Frost) (LE)
Lotusland - Pinky lavender with gold pearl (Frost) (LE)
Talent Pool - Blue green with gold pearl (Frost) (LE)
Mink & Sable - Olive green (Frost) (LE)
Smoke & Diamonds - Frosty dirty taupe (Frost) (LE)
Go - Frosted bronze (Frost) (LE)
Glamour Check! - Reddish brown (Frost) (LE)
Top Hat - Dirty Indigo (Frost) (LE)
Star by Night - Mid-tone blue (Frost) (LE)

8/21 - Cult of Cherry: Here is another I am very excited about. Looks like the fall will be it for me. This one has three quads, all of which are gorgeous. There are so repromotes and usual, but some of these are ones that for some reason, I have never picked up. Nanogold is the only that I have. So, I'll be getting all three quads unless they are dupable. There are also lipsticks, lipglasses, mattenes, lacquer, blush, and mascara. One of the blushes looks quite pretty and so do the lipsticks. There are a few repromotes like Russian Red and O, but I don't have either. My wallet is quivering!

9/25 - Suite Array: another new one to me. Looks like 8 eyeshadow duos and 8 pearl glide liners. The liners are new from the name, so cannot wait to see what these are. And more duos for me to buy and then ignore! I don't think I have even once used the purple/red duo from 2007.

9/25 - Gold Fever: No swatches up yet, but the collection will include 2 Slimshines, 2 shadesticks, 2 Liquidlast Liners, 3 Fluidlines, 2 Pigments, 2 Glitters, 2 Brushes, 2 Lashes. I'd love new Liquidlast Liner colors and new pigments...HEAVEN! And what do you think? Will the colors be golden? :)

9/25 - MAC for Ungaro: I blogged on this earlier today. The colors are described as Monet's Water Lilies. 2 Lipsticks 1 lipglass 1 See Thru Lip Colour 3 Eye Shadows 1 Paint Pot 2 Cream Colour Bases 1 Beauty Powder 1 Brow Set. I'll post when I see the first swatches. I am excited about this collection. Maybe the Paint Pot will be the silver color I am dying for! The only downside I see, for me, is that it's only being released at department stores and MACs website. I am hoping this won't be a bust like the other "limited release" collections where they go within minutes and then are seen on eBay for exorbitant prices. That plus there is no PRO card discount.

Sep 08 - Overrich: This is probably my favorite upcoming collection just due to me loving pigments. There are 8 new pigments:
Blonde's Gold - Light tan with gold and white pearl (LE)
Antique Green - Turquoise green with gold pearl (LE)
Vintage Gold - Tarnished green with green pearl (LE)
Museum Bronze - Rich taupe with gold pearl (LE)
Mauvement - Cool taupe with gold pearl (LE) (Repromote from Rushmetal)
Mega-Rich - Frosty burnt orange with gold pearl (LE)
Copperbeam - Rusted brown with red pearl (LE)
Heritage Rouge - Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl (LE)
The colors look gorgeous, but a few I know I'll have to bring mine to compare. Only one is a repromote, so that's awesome.

10/2 - CremeSheen: 14 new lipsticks. Guess they are creamy and have a sheen. Ha!

Oct 08 - While I love the idea of a new traincase, since I have my stuff all in a DESK, it sounds a bit restricting!

Oct 08 - Mineralize Line: This is going to be a permanent line. This is a repromotion of Satinfinish, Loose, Skinfinish Natural, Blush, Eyeshadows and Brushes. Suposedly, they will release new items every 6 months. Oh, god! More collection releases? And I had heard that MAC is going to slow down on the LE items! Though, maybe they will be perms to slowly build a perm line. Now, the one thing I do not like about the mineralized e/s is the size. If anyone out there has ever hit metal with one, I'd love to know how long it took. :) I guess that since these lines are getting so popular, it makes sense that they would do this.

10/9 - MAC for Manish Arora: Who I asked? He's an Indian designer. The clothes are like futuristic gladiators and Geisha girls. Actually, pretty awesome, but I'd probably scare my kids. The makeup his runway shows have are awesome and done by MAC, of course. The collection will have: Eye Shadow Palette (6 shades), 2 Lipsticks, 2 Lipglass, 2 Blush. I hope the e/s are all new. Seeing his site, I am very interested in seeing this one. I just hope they do him more justice than I feel they did for Heatherette. While I loved most of the Heatherette collection, I was really hoping for something wild and bold. I thought the e/s trios were pretty, but just that, pretty. Not wild and bold.

10/15 - Sheer Minerals: Maybe more for the perm collection? Loose Foundation(repromote), 3 Sheen Powder, 3 Skinfinishes, 181 and 182 Brushes (Repromote).

Holiday 08 - Red She Said: It's the holiday collection and it looks gorgeous. The image is very glam. There are red bags and red handled brushes. I cannot wait to see if it ends up being prettier than the black holiday sets from 2 years ago.

WOW! Can you believe that I did this whole review while the kids slept? No wonder I got it all done in one sitting. :) I'll have updates as I hear more and see swatches. I am now going to go rest my fingers!


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