Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nordies Exclusive Preview

Guess what I got to see at my local Nordies. The July Exclusives. Happy dance!

Of course, I forgot my camera that day! Aargh! I was mostly interested in the pigments and the richmetal highlighters. The MA gave me swatch sheets for the pigments and a few of the RHs.

Here's my take:
Jardin Aires (no swatch) - a repromote. I do like this color as either a highlighter or a lid color for subtler looks.
Steel Blue (no swatch) - another repromote. Love this color especially applied wet or over Delft paint pot.

Glided Green - pretty, but nothing special.

Circa Plum - another pretty color, but doubt I will get this.

Tea Time - unique matte color with golden glitter. The color itself is not iridescent, so it will be good for neutral, subtler looks. My favorite by far.

Royal Flush - a pretty rusty red. Would be the only other one I may get, though I wonder if the red will annoy my eyes.

Richmetal Highlighters
All are very pretty, though I am interested to see how they wear. I avoided the whole Metal-X group due to creasing.

Female - this is the only one I am getting. The swatch does it no justice. The color is a very pale pink with gorgeous green iridescence. Totally will be the it of the collection.

Quick Flash - very pretty, rich gold. I may get this if the formula is worth not getting my discount.

Rose Bullion - Very pretty, I want to compare this to Rose CCB as it looks like it may be similar. I love the color, but hate my CCBs.

I did not have her make me a sheet with the others, but did play with them.

So, all in all, the colors were very pretty, but without being able to get my discount, I am limiting my purchase to the Tea Time pigment and the Female Richmetal Highlighter.

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thank you for the swatches