Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy hair-do, Batman!

I started this blog to be my journal...and obviously it has not worked. But, I will try, try again, and hopefully keep it going.

Okay, time for a cute baby photo! is having a contest for the craziest baby bedhead and I had taken this photo a few weeks ago. We had a mini-heatwave a few weeks back and our little Betty Boop got all sweaty during her nap and woke up looking like this. Hope it makes you all smile. :)

I have decided that I need to start walking every day, again. I was talking with DH and realized that my 20 year reunion - eeh, gads - is next summer. I have not gone to any of my previous reunions, either due to living far away or non-interest, but now that I have moved back home and have reconnected with some of my old friends, I am looking forward to going next year. Though I will never get my old dancer's body back - like I have time to dance 3-4 hours a day - I'd like to show that I have at least aged gracefully. Plus, I can still pull off looking like I am 18 at times. >:) A few years ago, I was signing a petition for something or another and the lady running the thing told me that I had to be 18 to sign it. When I corrected her and said I was 30-something, she told me to go home and kiss my mom. LOL!

Speaking of my mom, some of you know that my mom has been in the hospital and now a care facility for physical therapy. Her doctor is beyond pleased with her improvement. She's getting movement back in her left leg and slight movement in her right. She can walk with a walker about 20 feet and has movement in her trunk area. So, improvement is coming...though slow, but that is expected. Dad is learning how to help out both with mom and at home. This week he got his first lesson in using the washing machine. Ha!

DH, the family, and I will be driving up to see them for the weekend. I'll hopefully blog again on Monday and update everyone.


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