Friday, March 21, 2008

Heatherette Look, Trio #2

I jumped right in to my Heatherette Trio #2 and used it today. The photo really does not do it justice. I was trying the using the mirror trick, but it looks less blended that it really turned out. I started with UDPP and Painterly PP, then washed the eye with Baby Petals. I applied VIP on the lid, then blended in Cassette to the outside, crease, and lower lash line. I really like the colors as they made my green eyes pop. The lipstick is a mix. I first put on Fleshpot, decided it was too light for today, and put on High Top from Fafi on top of it instead of taking it off. Oh what you do when you have a baby needing attention! :)
Other MAC related news, I was showing my haul to my mom and we were talking foundation and I told her about the MSF in light that I use and put it on her with a #182 brush. It looked so good and made her skin look so perfect. I think I may have finally convinced her to get some MAC! I am hoping she'll come with me next week to the launch party.

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