Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heatherette Haul and my first BLOG!

So, I am finally making my first blog post! I am so excited and feel like am joining the new world. I am not sure what all my blog is going to contain, but I am sure it will be a combination MAC comments, kid updates, photos, and who knows what else.

Okay, so on to my Heatherette review. Overall, I hate say it, but I am major disappointed! I guess, knowing Heatherette, I was really expecting something fab and flashy. From what my new fav MA said, they (Richie and Traver) did not get what they wanted with the MAC collection, and I can see that. I am guessing that it's an EL thing.

I got there early and there was only ONE other person who got there before 10! Totally different from So Cal where there is a crowd.

On to the prods themselves. I did not think I'd be all over the e/s trios, but I really liked them and got both. Glad I did not get Cloudburst when it first came out otherwise that trio would have been hard to justify. I really like the green in the #2 - it's unique in my collection, like a greener Surreal. Love the compacts for them, too. I got the Alpha Girl beauty powder. Not sure how much I will use it, but the packaging was too cute. It's the girly-girl in me.

For the lips, I was a mix of happy and disappointed. I only got the Bonus Beat l/g, mostly because I love Fleshpot. If you have the original Fleshpot, I'd say this one is more opaque and slightly warmer. I love Fleshpot original, but sometimes it looks a tad ashy, even on this pale lady. So, I cannot wait to try this new version. There were two die hard Fleshpot lovers there and both liked it better, too. I also got the Lollipop Loving as it's such a unique color. The Melrose Mood was awful in my eyes (though slightly more like what I was hoping this collection would be, crazy bright). I liked the Hollywood Nights, but it's a dup for the Full Fushia from the Pro collection; I love the packaging, but not enough to get a color I rarely wear.

I also checked out Strobe and got the clear gloss, mostly to use over my dark matte colors. Today I am wearing Snow Orchid, a Pro l/s that looks like a combo between the new Hollywood Nights and Melrose Mood. I looked at the new blushes, but none were grab worthy for me. And I got a Chocolate Brown piggie to add to my piggie collection - it was a LE that the store got and their last one in the drawer.

Back to piggies, I was VERY disappointed in the piggies for Heatherette. I already have the two piggies and the Reflects Gold. I don't have the 3D silver, but how often would I actually use it? I had hoped they would get some rocking new piggies for this collection.

So, there is my long winded commentary. Heatherette is a good collection as far as a release, but not a good collection worthy of Heatherette.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful intro to the Blog World! Already enjoying it and looking forward to so much more. Your language pulls the reader in and makes us more like best friends than author/reader. Luv it. Best Wishes! ~Dee