Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heatherette Launch Party - post launch

I went to my first launch party here in Oregon last night. It was crazy full, but a ton of fun. There was a male model who was all body painted and wearing only chaps (and a g-string). My hubby walked by outside and got to see full tushy cheeks - he wondered what kind of party I was at. And with the baby to boot! Though since he has been to a MAC launch before, was not too surprised. They were giving away a coloring kit - colored pencils and Heatherette coloring book - with purchase over $100. Thankfully, my fav MA was there so I got one since I had purchased most the week before. I got a few additional things. I got the 3D Glitter. Figure I'll only use it at Halloween, or for princess faces once the baby gets bigger. I also grabbed the Nighthawk/Front Row liner - I rarely use pencils, but the goldy-peach is to die for!

I also picked up N1 Face & Body and the Light Medium MSF. I was out with my mom the other day when the sun was out and realized that my NW20 was way dark for me now that I am in OR and getting none of that So Cal sun! Oh, and grabbed, finally, a Sea Me Shadestick - it's being disc, so I had to!

It was a great party!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! Sure wish my store held a Heatherette event. :-(