Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cherry-licious haul

I am so happy...with a cherry on top!

Shadowy Lady quad
Cherry Blossom l/g
Jampacked l/g
Cult of Cherry l/g
Rich & Ripe l/g
Liqueur l/g
Lightly Ripe l/s
O l/s
So Scarlet l/s
Kirsh mattene
Bing mattene

Heritage Rouge pigment
Antiqued Green pigment
Blonde's Gold pigment
sample of Copperbeam pigment
Hepcat pan e/s (thanks, Laura)
Bitter pan e/s (instead of the Tempting quad)
Clear brow finisher - she says all the MAs use it instead of prep & prime lips to keep the reds from feathering. So far it is working. :)

I spoke to the manager (who did this look) and she said that I can come to the September job fair and sign on as a freelancer. I am SO EXCITED! I also signed up for the Pro class this coming October. I cannot wait to go...anyone up for me practicing on their face?

She used Sharp, Hepcat, and Shadowy Bing with Jampacked. Love it!