Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Funky Leprechaun

Here is my first attempt at blogging my nails. I tend to redo my nails any where between once and three times a week. I love sites like Xsparkage and Scrangie for ideas, inspiration, and encouragement to experiment. My makeup looks have really dropped off the map recently, so hopefully blogging my nails will lead to blogging my EOTDs. Enjoy!

I love SinfulColors. They are crazy cheap - $2 to $2.99. I can find them at Fred Meyers, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid. The colors are amazing and most of them have decent coverage - 2 coats. It is fun to play with new colors without breaking the bank. This is my newest find called Call You Later. It is a clear base with kelly green and lime green glitter. The photo makes it look a bit chunky, but it is not. It is nice and thick, so that is two coats.

The middle photo actually gives it a truer to life color. The other photos make the glitter look dark, almost black, but under normal lights (no flash) you can really see the two colors of green and it is phenomenal. I wish I had this polish for St. Patrick's Day - it's like a Leprechaun in a bottle! I put the two coats of Call You Later over two coats of China Glaze Paper Chasing. Love it!

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